The Melanin Nurse Recipe and Routine Guide: Holistic Skincare Price: $9.80 (as of 28/01/2023 20:26 PST- Details)

In this book, The Melanin Nurse will show you a step by step approach to living a toxin-free lifestyle and help you get your desired natural glow with the use of 100% natural skincare recipes.-Get the facts about Holistic Skincare-what it is, how it works, and how it differs from your commercial skincare products. Find out more about the many benefits of Holistic Skin Health and what ailments it can treat, and how it could help minimize your everyday skin problems without the use of chemicals. Learn what to look for when checking your labels and buying your products. With over 30 recipes listed in this book for clay mask, eczema relief, and hair remedies you find a DIY Holistic Skincare remedy that’s right for you.