Fearless Beauties: Treating Skin of Color with Confidence

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The claim that everyone is beautiful is professed loudly and frequently by the beauty industry, however it should be validated by making services, treatments and products available to all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. As Americans, we need to recognize and legitimize that minorities within our country may have different standards for beauty and different ways of honoring and respecting that beauty. By developing a more inclusive education, we elevate our entire industry. Fearless Beauties, Treating Skin of Color with Confidence, has chapters devoted to Asian skin, Black skin of African descent, East Indian skin, Latinx skin, Nordic skin, transgender skin, and multi-ethnic skin as well as treatment protocols, consent forms, and post treatment recommendations for common skin treatments along with a chapter on skin classification systems. This book is intended to help the skincare professional gain confidence in treating all skin types.