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The Black Hair Conspiracy takes an in-depth look into the psychological effects of social media standards of beauty and its mental and physical impact by connecting historical facts with psychological theories by some of the greatest philosophers in history, The Black Hair Conspiracy debunks a series of lies put in place to psychologically enforce and control the thinking that we have learned today. The Black Hair Conspiracy is a step-by-step guide on how to grow and maintain healthy, natural hair from maintenance to protective styling; while disproving common lessons and practices passed down by mass media and the hair care industry. The Black Hair Conspiracy will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the hair grows along with how to safely find protective styles. It also warns you against the dangers of bad braiders, hair stylist and salons, all while invalidating common myths and customs we have psychologically been brainwashed to believe. “It is not just hair” is the core of the book that teaches how to connect your own hair energy and harness the powers to understanding your personal and financial wealth connections!•Learn how to care for chemically treated hair•Learn hacks to solve common hair problems•Learn how to make homemade products they don’t want you to know about• Learn how to use your own natural hair energyHave fun documenting your own journey with our interactive hair diary and learn your hair Do’s and Don’ts.




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