The Locks Hair Care Manual: A Step By Step Guide For Maintaining Dreadlocks, Sister Locks, And Free Form Locks Price: $9.99 (as of 10/04/2023 06:42 PST- Details)

The Locks Hair Care Manual is a pocket guide that will help you to successfully maintain Dread Locks (Traditional Locks), Sister Locks and Free Form Locks with step by step details! Even though there are differences in maintenance required to keep up the look of your specific choice of locks, their hair care needs are very similar. What differs slightly is your approach based on your unique texture and health state of your locks, which will be discussed further in more detail. Growing locks take patience and dedication, with the application of the “Lock Hair Care Regimen” shown in (Chapter 11) coupled with a fundamental understanding of what healthy hair is, will allow you to gain the necessary knowledge you need, to successfully put you on the path to growing long healthy locks. This manual breaks down understanding locks externally and internally as we discuss everything thing from Lock Maturation, Twisting Techniques, and Lock Repair as well as providing insight on an alternative locking option called Lock Extensions! These are just a couple of topics that will be addressed in this manual and after reading, you will know exactly how to achieve your best locks whether you are beginning your Lock Journey or you want to perfect your journey towards healthy thriving locks!