God’s Gift: How to Be a Good Black Woman to a Strong Black Man

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“To Be An Afrikan Woman is to pick up the pieces of our Maafa-shattered lives and to make our people whole again.”-Marimba Ani “To Be Afrikan”Gender warfare has brought the Black Community to an all-time low, leaving no option but to rise up. However, we will not elevate until we find balance. God’s Gift explains how to become extraordinary women capable of creating an immediate change in our families and society.There has been a systematic plot to sabotage our relationships. Feminist and misogynistic attitudes have destroyed our families, our stability, and our happiness. Our very existence is at stake.God’s Gift provides the solution. As Black Women, we must realize viewing our complements and only suitable mates (Black Men) as our enemies and competing with them will lead to our extinction. Victory lies in cooperation and unity. We are in this together. We Shall Triumph!