The Self Vows: Seven Vows That Will Change Your Life Price: $17.99 (as of 24/03/2023 04:12 PST- Details)

This book is a part of the Self Vows program. The wonderful thing about this program is that even if you can’t complete the program face to face, private sessions, or the retreats- you’ll still experience life changing results. Enjoy the book that echoes my face to face sessions and stories from others that have taken the self vows and some who didn’t. If you need to learn how to have and support everything about yourself or others, if you need to learn how to stop looking in the rear view mirror and move forward, if you want to learn how to commit to yourself and others or how to have a healthy relationship with finances while working through and forgiving unhealthy financial choices- you must continue reading. If you have a desire for a love that connects to daily evolution, happiness, and freedom, commit to this book of love. Finally, you will learn and accept that you will never leave you. When you commit to self in that way, you will find it much easier to commit to another. I give you ultimate transparency in this book. My desire is to connect to you through my journey, the journeys of others, and well-thought-out questions that will penetrate deep within if you allow them to. I commit to taking this journey with you. Every time you open this book, it symbolizes me showing up to guide you through a path that can be a most difficult one. On the other hand, it will be the most amazing journey you will ever experience. You are the most important priority because without your peace of mind, everything else is meaningless. I have faith in you that, after reading this book, you will commit to the self vows as a daily inner compass as it relates to you being healthy, happy, healed, and consistently authentic. Don’t you think its time to change your life and reset all that doesn’t serve you? You can do it.