The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks Price: $19.99 (as of 30/03/2023 05:08 PST- Details)

Great-looking, healthy, luscious waves, coils or kinks as a modern male with curly hair, is that really possible without having to become a hair diva or spend glorious amounts of time in hair salons retouching your locks while gossiping with your hairstylist?

The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils and Kinks is the essential hair manual for the modern-day curly haired male. From wavy hair to afro-textured hair, The Curly Hair Book covers all to do with daily hair grooming and long-term hair care while instilling the right attitude and mindset to sport one’s curls as a lifestyle-conscious 21st century male.

Popular hair blogger Rogelio Samson (founder of Manly Curls & Men’s Hair Blog) has spent many years in the pursuit of hacking the male hair conundrum with a special focus on curly hair. Having already paved the online way for curly men, this book is Rogelio’s next revolutionary step in his path to inspire, motivate and help those men with waves, coils and kinks to finally embrace and optimally address their hair and, once and for all, make something positive out of such a visible personal trait. Thus, Rogelio, himself a curly haired guy, has written this book for modern males who seek the perfect follicular blend of convenience and optimal results.

This is what you will find in The Curly Hair Book:

– Detailed 101-type content of your hair.
– A hair type guide to know the specifics of your type of curly hair and its different lengths.
– All about cleaning your hair, from how to find your shampooing frequency to how to use Rogelio’s popular Sebum Coating method and much more.
– All about conditioners and how to use them together with your own secreted sebum.
– All about styling curly hair, including relevant hairstyles for your curl type.
– How to build your convenient daily hair grooming routine, including a routine that takes less than 9 minutes for awesome curls from the moment you get in the shower to the moment you are out of the bathroom.
– How to create your own convenient hair care strategy that will ensure the health and future of your hair.
– Detailed nutritional tactics and tricks for your hair.
– All about having the mentality to start addressing your hair as a modern male and keeping your locks for the rest of your life.
– Much inspiration and motivation to implement actions and be successful in your journey to great-looking hair.
– Extensive myth busting.
– A whole chapter dedicated to 35 miscellaneous questions that will bulletproof your journey.
– A plan: the steps and actions necessary to make it all work during your journey.
– Many useful tables and diagrams to visualise your actions.
– And so much more while having every bit of knowledge related to Rogelio’s personal case.

This book is part of Rogelio’s hair revolution to get men to finally sport awesome manes and embrace their shapely hair so as to integrate their waves, coils and kinks into their own core as males. You will find this book of great benefit if:

– You have hair that is wavy, curly, kinky, afro-textured, coiled or of unexplainable shape.
– You are balding and need a no-bull book to preserve your waves, coils or kinks.
– You are a woman and the man in your life (husband, boyfriend, son, brother, father) has curly hair and you are tired of seeing him not do anything about his hair. This book will be the perfect gift.

You can also find this book of benefit if:

– You have straight hair but don’t know how to manage it. The majority of this book will be relevant to you (refer to Question 24 in Chapter 8 before starting to read the book).
– You are the father/mother of a boy with curly hair and want to understand how to manage his hair (refer to Question 23 in Chapter 8 before starting to read the book).
– You are a male who wants to try something new with his hair.