My Hair is My Crown: A workbook on how to care for natural hair in a fun and easy way: Coloring and activity book for… Price: $6.36 (as of 10/04/2023 06:42 PST- Details)

My Hair is My crown was created to help girls, parents and guardians how to understand and care for natural hair in a fun and easy way.

The workbook provides educational instructions on:

How to moisturize hair using the LOC and LOC method
The best oils to use to seal in moisture
Vitamins that help with hair growth

Protective Styling
Learn what is protective styling and the benefits. How to prevent traction Alopecia.

Hair Growth and Retention
Learn how to grow hair and retain length with information on the best tools to use, the nutrients needed to grow hair and other methods to growing hair.

Shampoo and Deep Conditioning
Learn how to shampoo natural hair and reduce tangles. How to deep condition hair in order to retain moisture and decrease dry hair and breakage.

Hair Porosity and more!

Bonus: Coloring and Activity pages that can be enjoyed by the entire family.