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The Black Woman’s Hair Bible is the complete ‘How-to’ on Black hair care and maintenance. Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Frustration-free hair maintenance…Tips on how to properly take care of your natural hair, relaxed hair or weave.
  • The 13 things that stop you from getting longer hair and the 10 things you can do, starting today, to grow your hair longer (see page 106).
  • BECOME YOUR OWN HAIR DOCTOR! A crash course in how your hair works including the topics of hair porosity & hair elasticity and why it is important for you to know. (If you read only one chapter from this book, make sure this is it).
  • Two “super foods” known by very few women that are fantastic for your hair (One of them is wheatgrass, the other is a plant native to northwestern India that has over 90 different nutrients — find out what it is on page 177).
  • The 13 keys to a successful transition to natural hair. One of keys is how to respond to negative comments about your natural hair from friends and family, find out what the other 12 keys are (see page 41).
  • Step-by-Step instructions on the most effective ways to moisturize constantly dry hair including the L.O.C, L.C.O, L.C.S.O and Baggy methods.
  • Do your hair faster — Time saving tips you can use to make sure your wash day routine DOES NOT take the whole day. (see page 69)
  • A Six-step visual guide to creating your own regimen (including a list of product recommendations that your hair will love — see page 50).
  • The 9 other reasons why you are experiencing breakage…Besides dry hair (see page 154).
  • Save $$$…Money saving tips when buying hair products (including how you can shop at one of the biggest retailers in the world and get a 15% discount every time you buy a hair product — see page 77).
  • Does your hair grow faster when relaxed?…15 outrageous Black hair myths debunked!
  • How to properly take care of newborn, toddler and pre-teen hair (see page 169).
  • The 7 things you absolutely MUST not do to your hair…unfortunately number 4 is far too common and one of the leading causes of hair damage (see page 95).
  • Tips on maintaining your weave (including how to put an end to an itchy scalp and simple ways to prevent embarrassing odors from a weave — see page 142)
  • Tips to coloring your hair including using natural dyes like Henna (including tips on coloring weaves and wigs — see page 143).
  • Put an end to excessive dandruff…Learn which foods you may be eating that actually increase dandruff (see page 150).
  • Causes of excessive hair shedding (medication is the common one — find out the other not-so-common causes on page 159).
  • How to protect your own hair (and weave hair) when you are sleeping, working out or swimming.
  • “Weird” techniques for hair growth that actually work ( massaging your scalp is just one of them).
  • Tips on maintaining and protecting your hair in the summer and winter…including how to protect your hair both inside and outside the house (see page 163).
  • How to properly detangle your hair (HINT: Use your fingers first).
  • The 6 questions you want to ask yourself BEFORE you buy weave hair that will make sure your weave lasts longer and looks more natural.
  • The ‘how’ and ‘why’ your hair knots and tangles (including what you can do to reduce knots and tangles).
  • How to tell which hair products will be good for your hair (including how to prevent allergic reactions with new products — see page 75).
  • 7 causes of chronically dry hair and what you can do to fix it (see page 151).
  • Causes of hair loss and ways to prevent and reverse hair loss (see page 158).
  • BONUS! : Do-it-Yourself. Simple recipes and instructions on how to make your own shampoos and conditioners…with ingredients so safe they can also be eaten!
  • BONUS! : A complete guide on how-to-find a good hairstylist (Avoid becoming a hair salon disaster story!)



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