Decisions: A Young Man’s Guide To Avoiding The Traps Price: $12.00 (as of 30/03/2023 05:06 PST- Details)

Decisions: Young Man’s Guide To Avoiding The Traps is designed to help youths and adolescents reach their full potential by gaining an awareness of—and successfully avoiding—many of the common traps and pitfalls that may prevent them from being successful in school and in the community. Decisions makes no assumptions about what prerequisite skills and understandings participants may have, which is why the it is designed to provide young men and women with practical, useful strategies and concepts that can immediately be implemented during, and upon completion of, the program. Topics covered within the book include character development, entrepreneurship, college and career readiness, programming yourself for success, improving decision making, the relationship between peer groups and success, persevering through obstacles, improving intrinsic motivation, time management, the consequences of poor decision making, bullying, delinquent behavior, gang involvement, and the residual effects of both positive and negative decisions. This program is well suited for schools, youth programs, mentor organizations, and in-school suspension programs, and it may serve as an alternative to out-of- school suspension or juvenile detention.