Zozo Afro The boy who is very proud of his afro hair

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Zozo Afro is a story of a little boy who is very proud of his Afro hair. Zozo Afro takes his wooden comb and his Afro hair for ‘A Show and Tell’ presentation, which leaves all his classmates amused. To his amazement, not only did he become the hero of the day, but he also turned out to be an inspiration for the other children in his class. This beautifully illustrated book is designed to boost self-esteem and build confidence, among black children to be proud of their heritage. The story is created to see little Black boys and girls all over the world, shine and be proud of their own story that celebrates them with self-love and appreciation. Zozo afro, discovered the beauty and power of his afro hair when his grandfather told him an intriguing story of his great great grandfather, who was very famous for his afro hair. Even though this story is about a little boy, the message in it could easily influence little girls as well, to love and appreciate themselves. I believe that Zozo Afro’s character can inspire children all over the world to love and appreciate who they are.