What Black Men Need From Black Women

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Why is there so much pain and conflict between men and women in the Black community? Sistas! Do you have trouble with understanding Black Men? Brothas! Are you tired of being misunderstood and stereotyped? Let’s talk about it! Other than at the barbershop or hanging with the homies, Black men rarely express their true feelings about their challenges and struggles just trying to live a productive life and be a good man in a society that looks at them as less than. This is due to the belief that it is weak for a man to express his feelings, societal perceptions about what Black men are and how they should be, and White supremacy’s targeted attack on Black men through psychological warfare and false narrative campaigns. It is time for Black men to reclaim control and authority over their own narratives! Black women are essential in helping to make this happen. There needs to be transparency, understanding and agreement about what drives Black men and how Black men and Black women can reconnect and reunite for the betterment of the Black community as a whole.In this thought-provoking book, professional counselor and fatherhood facilitator Jamal Smith explains the intentional plan to divide and conquer Black men and Black women and presents solutions for how we can restore Black harmony and greatness just as the Universe and God intended it to be. In order to accomplish this Black men and Black women must first understand where each other is coming from. We must also understand the game being played and how we can master it collectively as a team.Together we are unstoppable! Together we can!