UnRavel: Breaking the Cycle of Family Trauma

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Felicia Roche was born to immigrant parents who survived traumatic events on their way to a new life in America. The effects of their trauma follow Felicia through a childhood filled with terror and abuse. Most people would wish for a different life, but there is one thing that makes Felicia value all she endured- the one person that endured all of it with her. With the love and unwavering support of her sister, Felicia makes the conscious decision to stop living in darkness and head for the light. This captivating story takes us on an unforgettable journey of unraveling from generational pain that typically inflicts irrevocable damage on innocent children who then become violent and harmful adults. It is a story that teaches the lesson of choice. We are not our parents, our pasts do not define us, and we all have the power to end the cycle of family trauma.