The Ultimate Mental Health Journal For Black Men: A Guided 50 Day Journey of Prompts, Affirmations, and Other Exercises… Price: $12.99 (as of 08/04/2023 06:26 PST- Details)

You need so much more than just a gratitude journal.

The news is televising the slaughter of your people. You’re stressed from work. Life is getting in the way. But your girl needs you, your bros need you, and your fam needs you. You need to get your head straight and get your power back.

And inside this unique book, you’ll find the tools to get the breakthrough you need.

Here are some of the psychological tools you’ll be using to put yourself on a new path and transform in 50 days:

Redefining your past: You’ll be diving into your past to discover your true values and your own story

Affirming your present: Using a revolutionary psychological technique, you’re going to rewire your brain for happiness and strength

Forging your future: Using our system, you’re going to create a plan for yourself for the next week, month, year, and rest of your life

Find new forms of self-expression: You’re going to use relaxing exercises to find ways to explore who you are

Hear advice from the best Black men in history: Every day you’ll read life advice from a different Black man who made history

Set plans to help others and yourself: Not only are you going to find ways to make yourself happier and stronger, but you’ll be given tasks to help the most important people in your life

Weekly missions: Every week you’ll be given a small new mission to improve your life

This is, without a doubt, the highest quality mental health journal for Black men at the time of its printing. Full of high-quality exercises with proven effectiveness, you won’t find anything of this quality anywhere else.

With this book in your hands, you’ll be among the dudes making an adventure out of life instead of dragging themselves through it like a tired mess.

Join them now!

10% of all proceeds received from this book will be donated to charities who give to Black-owned businesses.

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