The State of Black Girls: A Go-To Guide for Creating Safe Space for Black Girls Price: $14.99 (as of 02/01/2024 21:16 PST- Details)

There is so much pain in life that is undeniable. Pain from abuse, mental health stigma, trauma, and heartbreak can come from so many places in life. There is no denying the things you face are not only real, but are oppressive. Self-esteem, depression, failed friendships, grief, anxiety, domestic violence, and heartbreak all take their toll on the lives they impact, but there are answers to help you win in life.The State of Black Girls is a non-fiction piece whose aim is to empower young black girls in the face of the obstacles that stand before them each day. This book offers perspectives, activities, and prompts that can help you to know what factors are at play in life and in society, and how to navigate them with poise and success. It is crucial to understand what the terms are for success, why they are that way, and how best to turn the tides in your favor. Coping skills, self-care, affirmations, goal-setting and more are the tools you will incorporate into your strategy in life that will give you that power. The world is better with you in it and there is much for you here. Read The State of Black Girls today and find out what lies within you today because every Black Girl Matter.