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This intriguing manuscript was extrapolated from Dr. Pamela Robinson’s innovative dissertation, “Educating the African American Church toward those with Disabilities to Have an Attitudinal Change,” into a published book, The Color of HOPE: African American Mental in the Church. In some fields, a published scholarly book is a preferred method for presenting a comprehensive view of pivotal research. Likewise, a book offers the freedom to discuss details, complications, connections, and ramifications in a way that is not possible in a dissertation.

The hope of this pioneering, comprehensive book is to provide religious care professionals and laity with a robust awareness of mental health disparities and the need for partnership between faith based and secular institutions. While there are several insightful texts available about African American mental health as it relates to spirituality, there are few texts designed as cross cultural, multi-modal resources specifically written to include dual audiences both professionals and laity (religious care professional, theologians, therapist, mental health professionals, community leaders, families, and individuals with mental health diagnoses).

In The Color of HOPE, renowned Clinical Social Worker and Family Therapist, Dr. Pamela Robinson uses years of experience to increase mental health awareness in the black community and abroad, through captivating real-life stories and simple, down-to-earth explanations of complex psychological problems that the African American community and faith-based institutions confront. Dr. Robinson masterfully blends spirituality, popular culture, quantitative research methodologies, social consciousness, and lived experience in this one-of-a-kind book.

The Color of HOPE is a must read not just for the African American Church Community, but for all people, all denominations, and ethnicities across racial lines. This book will enhance your knowledge base on how to help those who are dealing with mental health challenges in the church and community.

The Color of HOPE is a must read for a broad range of stakeholders, theologians, professors, clergy, spiritual care givers, therapist, pastors, faith-based institutions, practitioners, policymakers, community members, recipients of services, and others.