That’s Why We Get Fat: 20 Diet & Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making Price: $10.99 (as of 30/03/2023 05:09 PST- Details)

In her fun and eye-opening new book, Dr. Phoenyx reveals the real reason why most people fail at dieting – and it’s not what you think! Fact is most people (actually a whopping 97%) fail at weight loss not because they aren’t “motivated” to lose weight. Rather, most people fail miserably because they aren’t properly “educated” on the simplest and smartest ways to diet and exercise so they not only lose the weight… but they keep it off. In That’s Why We Get Fat Dr. Phoenyx highlights 20 key diet and fitness mistakes that sabotage over 95% of dieters – mistakes most people have no clue they’re making! Mistakes such as:

  • Eating many small meals a day to boost your metabolism
  • Doing crunches to work your abs and get rid of belly fat
  • Not lifting heavy weights (if you’re a woman) because you’re afraid of getting “bulky”
  • Switching to diet soda because it will help you lose weight
  • Wearing those funny-looking plastic sweatsuits during exercise to burn fat faster

Time to stop falling victim to faulty diet and fitness advice that will inevitably sabotage your slim – or even worse, making mistakes that can compromise your health! Get fit-savvy and learn the key secrets and strategies to avoid 20 common and hidden landmines that can spell dieter’s disaster. Time to join the ranks of the slimfithealthy and hot bodied!

  • Burn fat faster than ever before
  • Guarantee your weight loss success

The key to your dream body is That’s Why We Get Fat!