Self Care Workbook for Black Women : 52 Week Guided Check-in Journal, Planner & Activity Book for Well-being: 12 Months… Price: $12.99 (as of 10/04/2023 06:42 PST- Details)

Are you a Black woman struggling with self confidenceself compassion or self love?

Are you experiencing mental health issues such as anxietydepression or low mood?

Or you may just be a Black woman that does too much! As Black women, our ability to look after others and make it look easy, means we’re often described as the “strong black woman”. By nature, Black women are resilient and powerful. A fraught history of oppression has left us no choice. These qualities are necessary; but if you’re having difficulty asking for help, or you find yourself hiding your struggles from others, it’s time to take your cape off, Sis.

Each chapter begins with a self assessment form to help you identify where in your life you need to prioritize self care. This is followed by guided activities covering the main pillars of self care:

  1. Mental Self Care: activities including grounding exercises, breathing exercises, cleaning planner
  2. Physical Self Care: activities including sleep tracker, exercise planner, food diary, personal care checklist, body scan activity
  3. Spiritual Self Care: activities including life balance activity, affirmations
  4. Emotional Self Care: activities including challenging negative thinking, boundary settings, trigger tracking
  5. Looking to the Future: activities continue on your self care journey including a 52 week self care planner and journal, extra templates, emergency self care toolkit

Over 160 pages of guided activities, planners and templates to build emotional resilience and put you at the center of your world for once. Look inside the book to find a good variety of workbook activities aimed at prioritizing mental, physical, spiritual and emotional self care practises that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Buy your copy of the ‘Self Care Workbook for Black Women’ now and start your self care journey today. (and don’t forget to recommend it to the women in your life that need a helping of self care!)