Miracles In Your Mouth

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Did you know that anxiety, depression, and fear stem from emotional experiences you keep tucked within your heart?”…For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” -Luke 6:45

Often, people who struggle with anxiety, depression, worry, and fear are left with a sense of hopelessness. They become entangled in a battle against their own emotions, giving way to confusion, stress, and even panic attacks. As isolation sets in, it whispering doubts make people believe they are alone, misunderstood, and sometimes even unloved.The good news is you can find hope and healing in life’s darkest moments. In Miracles In Your Mouth, you will learn the spiritual strategy to heal, renew, and transform your life. God wants to unleash His power, protection, and prosperity upon you. Will you accept it? Bestselling author Rainie Howard shares the mysteries of covenant prayer, powerful affirmations, and divine declarations to strengthen your mind, heal your emotions, and renew your spirit.