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We all face challenges in our lives in some form or another. However, for some such challenges are seen as roadblocks, which can give a sense of you feeling stuck in your life. To have more control over your thinking is in itself an art. The concept of gaining more control in your thinking can seem like a difficult task. The difficulty we generally have is in our thought and not the action. Did you know that on average we have 30,000 thoughts throughout the day! A large percentage of these thoughts are based on the worries of life. Our thoughts are played out in our lives continuously! The reality of our thoughts is based on the experiences that we may encounter. But the outcome of such experiences is based on the choices that we make to interpret these experiences in our lives. Therefore keeping track of our thoughts enables us to alter our perceptions, if need be. This book is aimed to give you some of my top tips to help boost some of your thinking styles. ‘Improving your Thinking’ is for anyone who understands that they have the ability to reach their potential and in turn develop a healthier way of perceiving things that happen in their lives.