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For those determined to understand why they keep losing in love, life and intimacy, How to Love a Black Man: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. H.I.M., is for you! This book is a detailed guide, containing 100 Key Insights that teach women how to effectively love men, in an unforgettable way. Although the book addresses some of the unique challenges that Black Americans face in romantic relationships, it is a powerful read for any woman, married or single. It is also an incredible resource for men who have difficulty communicating to the women in their lives, how they desire to be respected, and those men who have been unappreciated and mistreated. How to Love a Black Man, is the first in a series entitled, “Healing Black Love”. Dr. Intimacy shares the underlying issues that many Black females face when entering relationship with Black men, including her own challenging past. She also explores the subconscious oppression that many of our Black men secretly struggle with and how it impacts them in romantic relationships. The 100 Key Insights then successfully outline how to navigate the relationshi, to that expected end of happily ever after, which seems to elude so many Black women. Ladies, get the LOVE you want! Men, get the RESPECT you need!




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