Father Figures: Larry’s Journey To Manhood

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A guide to help fatherless boys ages 7-11 build self-confidence and good character!


Larry lives with his mother, and she knows that father figures are a valuable part of a child’s upbringing. But Larry’s own father isn’t in his life, so she arranges for him to meet five trusted father figures in the community who can teach Larry all about what it means to be a man!

With beautiful illustrations and a fun story, this delightful book explores the importance of male role models for young boys, drawing on the timeless African proverb “It takes a village”. Designed to showcase the invaluable benefits of father figures, as well as 5 qualities that define a great man, Larry’s Journey to Manhood offers a unique and eye-opening experience for parents and children alike.

Book details:

  • Perfect For Boys Aged 7-11
  • Promotes The Importance of Fatherly Role Models For a Child’s Development
  • Helps Boys Develop Good Character and The Core Characteristics of Manhood
  • An Ideal Gift For Birthdays, Stocking Stuffers, and Holidays
  • And Much More!


Designed to promote leadership, manhood, and positive expressions of masculinity, this wonderful book teaches readers that they can look within their own village to find the guidance of countless father figures and mentors.