Emotional Self Care for Black Women: A Journey of Self Help: Self Care Activities for Black Women to Heal their…

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Are you a Black woman ready to start on a journey of self care?

Are you experiencing mental health issues such as anxietydepression or have you noticed a pattern of negative thinking?

At the heart of self care is self awareness; a skill used to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and emotions – whether it be noticing how certain people or environments trigger an undesirable emotion within you, or whether you have unhelpful thoughts about yourself that you’d like to unlearn. This book will give you the tools to help you on your journey of self discovery and growth.

Black women especially need to prioritize emotional self care as we so often find ourselves playing the role of caregiver or emotional support for others. As Black women, our ability to look after others and make it look easy, means we’re often described as the “strong black woman”. By nature, Black women are resilient and powerful. A fraught history of oppression has left us no choice. These qualities are necessary; but if you’re having difficulty asking for help, or you find yourself hiding your struggles from others, it’s time to take your cape off, Sis.

This activity book will help you develop the tools to manage your emotional well-being in the long term. These tools include:

  • Self care assessments
  • Gratitude journals
  • Challenging negative thoughts
  • Affirmations
  • Trigger tracking and more!

Over 90 pages of guided activities to put you at the centre of your world for once. Look inside the book to find a good variety of workbook activities aimed at developing emotional self care practices for your daily life. Self awareness is a muscle that needs constant work to build strength, that’s why you’ll see activities repeated throughout in addition to assessments to allow you to track your progress over time.

For a comprehensive take on self care, grab a copy of our ‘Self Care Workbook for Black Women’, a 160+ page activity book covering mental, physical, spiritual and emotional self help practices, complete with a 12-month planner and guided journal.

Buy your copy of the ‘Emotional Self Care for Black Women’ now and start your self care journey today. (And don’t forget to recommend it to the women in your life in need of some self care!)