Dr Sebi’s Book of Remedies: Alkaline Medicine Making and Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments | Boost Immunity, Improve Health and Life-Long Vitality (Dr. Sebi Books)

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Learn the Art of Medicine-making!

In these modern times, we are facing a health crisis of sorts: many people are suffering from the results of an unhealthy lifestyle. This unhealthy lifestyle is caused by overuse of acidic foods and substances. We are bombarded with processed foods, fast food, processed sugar, and toxic chemicals. This has resulted in a generation of people who are overweight, tired, and always sick.

When people turn from these unhealthy habits and return to the way their body is supposed to function with alkaline foods and herbs, they experience a health transformation. The pH of their bodies returns to a healthy, alkaline pH after a while and health is restored. Learning how to make and when to use these herbs for the best results is the beginning of a healthy and joyful journey.