Don’t Just Love Your Son… Raise Him: 15 Thought-Provoking Questions For Single Mothers Raising Sons



Patrick Phillips, MSW is an award winning national speaker, author and educator. He the recipient of the President off The United States Volunteer Service Award and has over fifteen years experience teaching, mentoring and counseling young men and adults. While drawing on personal experiences of growing up in a single family home as well as working with families and young men labeled “at risk” , Mr. Phillips was able to identity patterns and common themes that impact the mother son relationship as well as behaviors that prevent young men from being successful in the school and community environments. By using 15 thought proving questions as well as interesting and engaging activities, Patrick provides practicable tools, strategies and best practices for single mothers raising sons. This book dares to go beyond the surface of political correctness to address the pitfalls and misunderstandings that have been preventing millions of single mothers from raising successful, productive, purpose-driven sons. No matter your socio-economic status or ethnicity, if you are a single mothers, this book is a must read.