BRuH Approach to Therapy (BAT) and Other Related Services to Promote Healing of Traumatic Grief Among African American Men and Youth: A Clinical … Workbook: Honoring-Based Practice Approach Price: $34.99 (as of 08/06/2024 00:31 PST- Details)

Based on extensive years of research and clinical practice experience with Black male grief reactions to trauma and loss–Dr. Lipscomb introduces the bonding through recognition to promote understanding and healing (a.k.a. BRuH Approach to Therapy or BAT) model for African American/Black men and youth to the clinical practice community. BAT can be utilized as an auxiliary approach in conjunction with other therapeutic models, protocols and interventions. The BAT model introduces a culturally congruent, anti-oppressive and antiracist therapeutic approach for promoting healing among African American/Black men and youth who are receiving psychotherapy and other related counseling and human services. Specifically, African American/Black men and youth who have experienced various forms of loss including racialized traumatic grief and loss. Dr. Lipscomb refers to BAT as an honoring-based practice model which truly centers their experiences to promote healing.