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Have you ever felt like your life was being recycled? In other words, being replayed over and over again? Not too long ago, I realized how much I was allowing my past to guide my life. In other words, I would reflect on my past to make decisions about my present. I was engaging in a process of recycling – the same situations replaying themselves. I was putting more value on my past as a guiding source rather than God.In writing Becoming Un-Tangled, I sought to highlight guiding principles noted throughout the Bible. These Biblical principles provide insight about our thoughts, behaviors, and how to separate from past weights that have us bound. As you turn each page, I invite you to be open to God’s Word, His guidance, and amazing love for you. Get ready to move within the fullness of God’s blessings, Become Un-Tangled from your past, and enter boldly into your new season!Dr. Veronica L. Hardy is a licensed clinical social worker, author, and public speaker. She is the host of podcasts including There is Power in Your Story and Becoming Un-Tangled. Dr. Hardy is the author of A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises and The Process of Grief: The Underrated Form of Self-Care. She holds a Master of Social Work Degree and a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. To learn more, visit