A Wellness Journey: The Guided Quest for Remarkable Wellbeing.

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The Wellness Journey is 60 days and is the beginning of your life transformation to living your best life of health and happiness. Like any journey you will plan ahead, go on excursions, learn new things and take time to rest and rejuvenate. Approach your wellness journey with the same sense of excitement and reverence. A wedding, a graduation, a trip to the Great Wall of China, your dream vacation would all be made with priority and attention to detail. This journey is more important than any of those. What could be more important than your wellbeing and sense of peace? There are 7 areas to visit on this journey. They are a simple intentions to follow that will elevate your decision-making with divine guidance and day by day you improve. With a deeper and changed mindset, your health, your clarity and peace of mind become the normal for your life. Leave the mayhem, overcommitment, stress and poor relationships behind with ease. In this journal you will chart your path, releasing your creativity and capturing the epiphanies and moments of resonance every day. This is your divine guidance. You already have everything you need within you.