365 Badass Black Girl Affirmations: Positive Thoughts To Create Success, Wealth, and Higher Self-Esteem For Powerful…

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Do you want to become a powerful black woman while only dedicating a few minutes of your time each day? It’s no secret that the happiest and most successful people all have habits that they incorporate into their lives that help them stay focused and positive when things are difficult. It doesn’t matter where you are now or where you used to be; you have the opportunity to empower yourself and become the women you are meant to be. Everything you desire or see in other people’s lives can be yours with the power of affirmations. Oprah said it best “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

In Badass Black Girl Affirmations, you will learn powerful sayings that will help you to:

  • Start your day with positive thoughts and intentions
  • Build a successful career and find your boss girl in the workplace
  • Promote a healthy body and make fitness your friend
  • Find amazing relationships and distance yourself from people pulling you down
  • Love yourself exactly the way you are
  • Create a mindset where money and wealth easily find you
  • Eliminate trauma and fears that have been sabotaging your success
  • Learn gratitude and become appreciative of everything that happens to you
  • Relax at night, knowing you are creating a life you enjoy living.
  • Plus 2 bonus sections: Affirmations I Tell My Children and Affirmations I Tell My Husband

Yes, you can really have all these things, regardless of how hopeless you feel right now. It may take time, but if every day you tell yourself how amazing you are and that you can do it, trust me, you will believe it. As long as you commit to reading, your subconscious will take over, and these thoughts and ideas will become part of who you are. Are you ready to finally do something for yourself and change your life? Then scroll up and click the “buy now” button right now.

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